A solid game that dares not go far from its successful formula.

User Rating: 9.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
I like everything about this game that I liked about Yoshi's Island for the SNES. The only real difference is there are new babies all with different abilities. Mario can smash red M blocks, Peach can fly, DK can swing on vines, etc.

The game is a quick breeze through in your spare time, if you've got any. I did about one world per day for a week and it finished the game rather swiftly. I do not have 100% completion in this one, like I did in the original, because I'm graduating college soon and I just don't have the time to waste, or the patience I once had.

Overall there's nothing wrong with this game. Graphics are pretty and definitely a bit cleaned. Controls are slick and solid. Story is what you'll expect from such a title. All-in-all, an amazing side-scroller/platformer.

My only critique is that there could've been more depth added, but that's a petty complaint.

I'm giving this game a 9.5 because it's great. The other .5 is lost because it could've been greater.