A must own from the Mario family genre of games! Which is why you buy any nintendo gaming platform- right?

User Rating: 9.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
Love this game. Once you master the controls- like swallowing enemies to produce eggs, and the subsequent aiming and shooting of said eggs, you unlock the games true potential. Could imagine it was a little difficult and frustrating to some, but again that's just a matter of practicing, mastering, and using your eggs, the different characteristics that Yoshi acquires depending on who is her rider, and Yoshi's jumping ability in an imaginative way. Once i did that, i couldn't put it down. Completing most levels wasn't terribly difficult, but going for the optional stars, red coins, and flowers increased the replay factor of this game exponentially. A must have, especially if you liked new super mario bros. The levels were varied, had superb graphics, and used vivid, eye-popping colors. Truly a must have have for anyone who wants a solid portfolio of games.