Yoshi's Island DS is a great comeback to what made the series so popular!

User Rating: 9 | Yoshi's Island DS DS

Game: Yoshi's Island DS
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Artoon/Nintendo
System: Nintendo DS (NDS)
Total Score: 92/100
Value Score: 9.2/10

• Story: 10/10
• Characters: 10/10
• GamePlay: 9/10
• Graphics: 10/10
• Sound: 9/10
• Music: 9/10
• Length: 10/10
• Replay Value: 7/10
• Player Value: 8/10

+A decent storyline fit for the game
+Great colors and effects
+Plays like the original Yoshi's Island
+Different babies give you different abilities thus giving you different ways to finish levels
+A lot of exploration added to the depth of the levels
+Greater challenge for those who want the challenge

-The dual screen sometimes makes the game annoying at times due to the fact that some jumps force Yoshi to move screen which can sometimes lead you elsewhere other than planned at times.
-Difficulty can become tedious at times especially near end game.