User Rating: 7 | Yoshi's Crafted World NS

Yoshi's Crafted World is exactly what you would expect: a chill, adorable platformer full of cute graphics and enemies who aren't particularly difficult to overcome.


Just like every Yoshi game that came before it, Yoshi's Crafted World features a variety of colorful Yoshis to choose from, and you run through a mostly linear world map to collect gems and defeat Baby Bowser. The game has about 40 or so levels to run through, and each overworld contains 2-3 levels that all share a theme to them. You will have areas where you're running away from crafted rhinos, to a Japanese level where shy guys run at you with knives, to a space area where you ride around on space-themed crafts. It's all very adorable, but there is no real challenge here. I'm all about games where I don't feel like I'm having to replay the same level over and over to beat the game, but this game takes it to an extreme. There is no challenge all the way up through the final boss fight, and you could easily beat this game without ever dying once. This is because you have costumes that you buy with the coins you collect using gumball machines, and many of the costumes provide you with essentially 5 extra hit points on top of what yoshi already has. Falling of a ledge doesn't kill you, it just takes one of your hit points and you're brought back to right where you were before. This makes the game very approachable for a younger or newer audience, but it leaves me feeling wanting after completing the game with no real challenges to speak of.

There are some inspired levels, I particularly enjoyed the Japanese area and the space section, but do we really need another ice world and another world full of cupcakes and baked goods? C'mon guys.

The game does let you throw eggs forward and backwards instead of only being able to interact with the 2D path in front of you, and you will have to throw eggs at object in the background to get all the additional extra collectibles (the normal red coins and flowers - you need flowers to open new areas, but it's never so many that you spend a ton of time backtracking). There are some fun levels that have you fighting on paper pirate ships, flying around on space ships, and my favorite level where you're racing other cardboard cars on a racetrack, and these are fun diversions from the normal platforming levels.

I can't pinpoint why I'm disappointed with Yoshi's Crafted World. It's exactly what I expected it to be, and it's fun for what it is, but after Zelda: BOTW and Mario Odyssey I hoped that Nintendo would continue it's trend of bucking tradition and changing up a beloved franchise enough to provide something interesting and new, and you won't get that here. You will get essentially Yoshi's Wooly World but with crafts instead of yarn. As adorable as it is, and the gameplay is fun and entertaining, you won't find anything new or interesting to explore in this linear game.


No story, you're Yoshi, you want to get some gems to defeat Baby Bowser so you can go home. No qualms here, I don't play Yoshi games for their intricate stories.

Music & Graphics

The music is cute and adorable like the rest of the game, and they kept in the little song that starts every level with drums and Yoshi saying "yahoo!" which made me smile every single time he did it, but you aren't going to be listening to this music outside of the game. It's fine for what it is, but there were no risks taken and much of the music is just remixed version of previous Yoshi songs.

The graphics are cute, as you would expect. Everything is arts and crafts, so paper plates are hanging by popsicle sticks to look like clouds, grass is made of paper and colored green, etc. etc. It is very adorable, and one cool thing the game allows you to do is play every world "backwards" so you're literally behind the arts and crafts, which lets you see the backside of everything and how it was "created" all taped together and stitched up, which is really amusing but doesn't really offer any exciting gameplay elements outside of what you would expect from Yoshi.

I enjoyed my time with Yoshi's Crafted World, but I hope that Nintendo will be more willing in Yoshi's next entry to switch it up a little bit and add some variety or take a risk here and there.