Yoshi Touch & Go Cheats For DS

  1. Tickle Baby Mario!

    At the very end of the flying level, when Baby Mario is about to fall to the floor he will change from the upper screen to the touch screen. Touch Baby Mario with the stylus and you will tickle him!

    Contributed by: Typh 

  2. Coins in trees

    When Baby Mario is falling, you can poke the big leaves on the trees at the end for a yellow or blue coin. This is helpful if you only need a few more points to get a better Yoshi.

    Contributed by: Evan1109 

  3. Coin Bonus!

    If you circle two gold coins they both turn into one blue coin! This saves you the trouble of having to pick them both up individually and you'll gain points faster! If you circle two blue coins then they turn into one red coin! Which is worth double the points one one blue coin!

    Contributed by: ScrawlKnight 

  4. Make Yoshi Run Faster(Time Attack Only)

    In Time Attack mode you can make Yoshi move at almost twice his normal speed by drawing a cloud on the same level as the normal ground. It makes Yoshi run much faster which should give you a better time.

    Contributed by: ScrawlKnight 

  5. Balloon Popping Mini Game

    Access short mini game from the main menu.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get the top high score on each single player mode. Then click on the small balloons behind the main menu options. Balloon Popping Mini Game

    Contributed by: Trip__SkyWay 

  6. More colors and more eggs

    You could get more eggs while changing colors. To change your yoshi's color just get more points.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 160 Points in flying level Black Yoshi (50 Eggs +1 For Each Point Over 160)
    Get 100 points in flying level Blue yoshi (Can hold 35 eggs)
    10,000m Endless Bronze Yoshi (60 Eggs)
    Get 80 points in the flying level Pink yoshi (Can hold 30 eggs)
    Get 0 points in Challenge mode. Purple Yoshi(can hold 50 eggs)
    Get 140 points in flying level Red yoshi (Can hold 45 eggs)
    Get 60 points in the flying level Sky blue yoshi (Can hold 25 eggs)
    Get 0 points in time attack VERY light blue Yoshi (unlimited eggs)
    Performance Related White Yoshi (Unlimited Eggs)
    Get 120 points in flying level Yellow yoshi (Can hold 40 eggs)

    Contributed by: NDS_Master, thunder_boldtds, Cpcman, peachbomber 

  7. Extra Game Modes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Last for longer than 3000 meters in Endless mode. Challenge Mode
    Score more than 300 in the Score Attack mode. Time Attack Mode

    Contributed by: midwinter 

  8. Purple Yoshi

    To use Purple Yoshi, reach at least 20,000 yards in Marathon mode. Purple Yoshi runs much faster than the other Yoshi.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Pass 20,000 yard mark in Marathon Mode Purple Yoshi

    Contributed by: PojoPooka 

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