Yoostar 2 - In the Movies

User Rating: 10 | Yoostar 2: In The Movies PS3
If you have dreamed of starring in movies alongside your favourite actors and hero's then look no further. Introducing Yoostar 2 - In the Movies, where you are given the chance to act out real scenes from Hollywood movies. Through the power of PS3 Move and Playstation Eye, You can now stand right in a scene and act out famous lines from the movies, or even take it one step further and improvise on a script!!!!!!

Yoostar can be real fun to play on your own, or even have your friends join in and act out scenes together!!!! Yoostar - In the Movies features two amazing gameplay modes, Challenge and Quickplay.

Fancy just having a quick laugh and test out those acting skills, then try out quick play were you may select a movie and then step into the shot and begin your scene. Or alternatively, hop on over to Challenge Mode, where the acting becomes serious. In Challenge mode players are required to skillfully and accuratley act out scenes, obtaining the highest score possible to unlock new sets and new scenes. As you play, your rank will be increased. See if you can make it to the top of the leaderboards.

Yoostar media have come back fighting with this excellent new title, and Yoostar say they are now focussed on the creation of DLC for UK and Europe.