Hardcore Old School? A path to a better fighter. This game once a classic stands the test of time. Highly addicting.

User Rating: 7 | Yie Ar Kung-Fu X360
It seems a lot of people who reviewed this game hates it. accept two of us, I personal can say I love the game for nostalgic reasons, but also because without these games there would be no Mortal Kombat, or Street Fighters of today. So I agree it does have it's game mechanic and control flaws, but remember this was cutting edge when it first came out and it was awesome, this game ate more of my quarters than any other game and I was seriously considering buying an arcade standup cabinet, unitll I thankfully found it on PS...whew..much cheaper...much much cheaper... but I digress, This game gave us multiple punching, multiple kicks and multiple air jumps (or hopping) plus it gave us weapons and some very tough opponents. I can see why people hate it, some just can't master it's slightly flawed controls, heck even I still have problems with the controls and I still have not beat Blues!!!! UGH! I think the x-box 360 live version makes the game that much greater, because it gives you accomplishments to achieve, which by the way are very hard to do and has actually helped me to get more control. So if you find it frustrating I'm truly sorry, your really missing out on a great gem of a game. But if you bought it give it some time it may grow on you. It's not as flashy but it's sure is addicting fun, so much so. I have two versions, a PS and a x-box 360 live version. Thank you Microsoft for keeping the faith!!