One of the first fighting games is one of the best!

User Rating: 7.9 | Yie Ar Kung-Fu X360
Yie Ar Kung Fu might not be liked by gamers seduced by the better known early fighting gems like Street Fighter II, but you still have to look back at it as being one of the first true fighting games. Sure, you can only play as one character, and your moves are quite limited, but there's something that brings back memories of playing this a few years ago on a rainy day at a Chinatown arcade in San Francisco. The game features enhanced graphics and sound, but (as always) you can use the original graphics/sound if you want. I actually like the music, which has this old-school asian music vibe to it, although the punching and kicking sound effects are too quiet to hear. The multiplayer is the only thing i'm not crazy about in this game. It's basically single-player, only you combine your score with your opponent, or you try to get a higher score than them. In the end, Yie Ar Kung Fu is a basic, slightly shallow fighter that will always bring back good memories.