Waste of MSpoints, really...

User Rating: 2.3 | Yie Ar Kung-Fu X360
An old game, I remember it from arcades

Iplayed the demo, well.. I expected more, sweet "smooth" graphics..

sound... bad... only punches and air jumps

controls... 2 buttons

Defense? where? where is it? hard to block, hard to punch, bad soundtrack honestly the backgrounds are cheap, like made without any efforts...
MEH! I demand my time back!

Its too short, and a little hard, it wont get on my personal collection of games.... really I expected some more

waste of MSP, Im glad i didnt got the full version, I like Golden Axe a lot better than this.

a multiplayer? meh... first find another one with this game, so maybe youll get a match some time.. in other world... space... who knows