Yet Another Zombie Defense Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Survive for 2:00 in endless night mode Beginner
    Score 250,000 points Captain
    Kill 300 zombies with shotgun in a single game Cheap and reliable
    Score 1,000,000 points Colonel
    Build and equip four turrets Come get some
    Score 30,000 points Corporal
    Kill 8 zombies with a single rocket Demolition
    Use no more than 6 clips during the first night Efficient usage
    Survive 10 nights without any barricades or turrets Kiting mastery
    Score 150,000 points Lieutenant
    Score 500,000 points Major
    Kill 8 zombies with a single sniper rifle bullet One shot, many kills
    Score 10,000 points Private
    Survive 6 nights without buying anything Saving up
    Score 80,000 points Sergeant
    Survive for 3:30 in endless night mode Survivor
    Survive 10 nights without taking any damage Untouchable
    Survive for 5:00 in endless night mode Veteran

    Contributed by: Guard Master