Tough to get into but fun to play

User Rating: 7 | Yes, Your Grace XONE

Yes, Your Grace is a point and click strategy game where you play as a King trying to successfully run his kingdom and progress through the story for 50 weeks, with each day acting like a week in-game (so 50 days total). The gameplay relies heavily on resource management while also balancing dealing with the number of requests you receive from your citizens each day. Some of these requests require you to sacrifice resources and others require you to offer your generals for weeks on end.

Be very wary though because these requests sometimes will need to be denied in order to maintain your inventory. Dropping to 0 of any resources or citizen happiness means an automatic game over and you'll have to start all over again. It's not too difficult to find the right balance but it may require a bit of playing to truly get a grasp on the game's mechanics and to do it well enough to beat the game. It isn't too difficult but it's a nice challenge that I am sure many will enjoy.

I like the game's pixelized graphics and I thought they did a surprisingly good job with the story, which I honestly expected to be a lot barer than what it actually was. Having two different endings was pretty interesting too as the game's moral choices do have an effect on things later on. The only downfall that I would really say effects the game is that it does get a bit repetitive as time goes on. Thankfully, The overall experience isn't a long one but it can still get to you at times.

Overall: 7/10
Yes, Your Grace ended up being a surprisingly decent game that was a bit tough to get into at first but slowly became almost addictive to play. I think if they were to add a bit more variety to the game and flesh out the story a bit more, It would have been something really great.