Yakuza have some great fighting elements but have some flaws as well.

User Rating: 6.5 | Ryuu ga Gotoku PS2
First of all i enjoyed playing yakuza. I liked the story and fighting. So here my review:

Graphics: Well im gonna start with graphics. Graphics are good on this game, every character is well animated and they look great. Also city streets also look well.

Sound: Well voice acting is good in custscenes but too bad when you go outside to talk with somebody you only get text boxes.

Story: Well story you worked for (i dont remember lol) one japan crime familly and one friend kills your crime boss becouse he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend. Of course you said your friend to leave place and you get blamed. So every crime familly wants you to dead. After 10 years you get back to the streets where everything changed. So its time to you take over the streets. Unfortuanatly characters is not really interesting and you not gonna remember their name so probably the best thing about this game is fighting.

Gameplay: Well gameplay is pretty well. Of course you gonna find a lot annoying things in game like you have to search payphone to save a game, stores where you can buy food to restore your health dont have icons, camera is really weak, also really annoying thing is some gangs wants you to fight and automaticly you forced them to fight where you are on the mission or not. Sometimes fights in the streets its complete waste of time esspeacialy when you have low health and you cant restore it. Then of course you die again and agian so you forced to quit game! Also there is no targetting system so sometimes you gonna miss some good combos, you will not gonna hit enemys and they will hit you thats pretty annoying. Also you can upgrade your skills and health so when game progresses you gonna get stronger and stronger. Boss fights isnt really frustrating but also annoying due poor camera.

Overall: Well if you like fighting games like Dragon Ball Z or Def Jam this game is for you.