One of the great stories of gaming is dragged down by a repetitiveness that can annoy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ryuu ga Gotoku PS2
Yakuza, don't get me wrong, is a great game. The story is probably one of the few in gaming that is so great, so fresh, and so different,that it is what keeps you playing.

The story is beautifully executed with characters you can never forget. Then there is the amazing brawling that is totally a blast.

But then there is the repetitiveness of street brawling. Every street someone is wanting to fight and it might not be as unbearable if it weren't for the fact that the load times are annoying.

Some fights can get annoying, especially with faster enemies, due to a very bad lock on system. You'll be punching him, he runs to the side, you keep punching where he used to be, and can't turn around. He leads to a lot of frustration.

Otherwise, a very solid action title and one of my favorite games.