Yakuza Fury Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Double Justice Mode and playable characters

    Note: a "Final Chapter" should be considered "cleared" only if the credits roll shortly after.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Level 10 in Double Justice Mode Agu Masato
    Clear Epilogue "The road to honor" in Story Mode Black Asuka
    Clear Final Chapter "The real end" in Story Mode Bukotsu Yoshimi
    Clear the game once (at least four chapters long) Double Justice Mode
    Clear Final Chapter "Towards a new goal" in Story Mode Guren Hitoshi
    Clear Level 4 in Double Justice Mode Itomaki Eiji
    Clear Final Chapter "Meaning of the clan code" in Story Mode Kurashi Hiro
    Clear Level 1 in Double Justice Mode Onishi Hajime
    Clear Level 8 in Double Justice Mode Ootori Akisa
    Clear Level 6 in Double Justice Mode Same Toei
    Clear Final Chapter "Alliance in disarray" in Story Mode Shiryuu Rika

    Contributed by: Harry_Menso