Another amazing entry in this incredible series!

User Rating: 9 | Yakuza 5 PS3

3 years later, Yakuza 5 comes to the West and I was waiting to play this game for a long while. Now that I did, I really enjoyed it. Yes there's still some of those wacky moments, even those side quests that people play and/or don't play, but past all that is an amazing story and it copies a little from Yakuza 4. In that game, you played with 4 characters and it's the samw with Yakuza 5 but now it's with 5 characters and they are all intertwined. Of course you play with the main character himself, Kazuma Kiryu, but you'll also play with Saejima once again, a new character named Tatsuo Shinada who is a former baseball player, you even play with Haruka Sawamura. Her story was probably the most interesting since she's an aspiring pop star and you compete in little street dance competitions and compete for titles against a rival agency. Shun Akiyama comes back to this game too and he's probably the coolest character in the game by far. The game really revolves around fulfilling dreams because everyone there wants to fulfill their dreams. In fact, the surname of the game is Yume Kanaeshi Mono which translates to Person Who Fulfills Dreams but of course that's only in the Japanese version of this game while over here we call it simply Yakuza 5. There's quite a lot of story in this game and there's many, many cutscnes to watch. I think what I like most about this game as well as the other Yakuza games is that almost all the characters are interesting in their own way. I couldn't find a character I didn't care much for because the supporting characters are very well developed. It's dark, it's emotional, it's sometimes comedic. These Japanese voice actors give an amazing performance whether it be a sad scene, a dark scene, even a serious scene. The performances are hands down amazing. For example, when a character talks about regretting something, you can really tell that this character regrets something. when a character dies in another character's arms, and a character cries and/or lets out a scream, you can really feel the character's pain and sorrow. Other than all that, nothing really changed in Yakuza 5. Except now you can explore other cities so it's not just Kamurocho. now it's Nagoya, Tsukimino, Fukuoka and Sotenbori, all which are ficional versions of cities based on actual cities in Japan. It borrowed a little from Yakuza 2, at least the new city exploration anyway. The fighting system is still there, feels the same but with some brand new moves and mechanics. Overall, Yakuza 5 is amazing and I'm just happy that the game finally came out over here