Dragon of Dojima

User Rating: 8.5 | Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumono PS3
First of all this is my first SEGA game and it already taken me to great story and tons of excitement waiting to be discovered.
If you like Shenmue series from Dreamcast and XBOX you'll notice something about Yakuza 4 being same experience and same great gameplay that makes Yakuza 4 a great game.
When you buy this game and (I think you will) you will never want to stop playing as this game progressing into lighter at first to heavier later (I mean the addictive gameplay).
Yakuza 4 is filled with tons of mini games and all of them is fun to play too. Pachinko parlour on Volcano and Theater District is 1 of the great mini game that SEGA's offering. It's easy to play too. Full of side quest (in this game its called Substories).
Many weapons customization and plenty to choose from, every character is specialize on different weapon depending on the character, the weapon is unique to each.
There's a hostess maker mini game and you can visit hostess club and choose the woman of your choice. There's also fishing mini game too and a golf course. I think SEGA is trying to make a beautiful game and almost perfect for you to play.
Bottom line is, this game is worth your money and time to spent hours behind TV.