On my top 10 list over ps3 games

User Rating: 10 | Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumono PS3
I must first say that this game is just amazing. It is a typical game to go over or under everyones radar. ;-P Why gamespot gave it 8.0 i can understan in some ways but for me personally it is a clear 10. A couple of years ago almost at the start when i bought my PS 3 i got the darkness a very underrated game in my opinion. It had a story and gameplay moments i will never forget and this is just the same feeling for me. The story is jaw dropping i loved it one of the best stories in a ps 3 game so far. I loved the darkness, yakuza 4 now and maybe mgs on a 3rd place. It is something unike with those stories that just is right. Sure there is many great games but not with very good stories that you will remember. I will go on and explain as i write.

Story: We start off with the story. What is so special about this story? For me all the cutscenes are a big + and you don't find many games with long and many cutscenes. You have MGS on the top there and this is not long from those cutscenes. The only thing that is a big difference is that the mgs cutscenes are more action filled then these. There is mor action in the diolg in yakuza. And the other thing is that it is just amazing voice acting. The only downside for many with that is just if you don't like japanese voiceacting then this would be a big problem for you. And that is one of the things that will make this game maybe not sell as much as many want to. The other things with this story is that for those familiar with the other games would recognise that now you are 4 people instead of just Kiryu that was the main character in the other games. Maybe some don't like that of the hardcore fans but for me this was perfect. And they blend right in to the big story. And a big buildup for games to come. More great things about this story is there is twists in it that is realy great that just make you want to know more and more. The story is deep and it will eat most of you right up till the end. And if you have not played the other games don't be afraid becouse you get the chance to see the whole story from all the games cut scenes in the main menu.

Gameplay: For the gameplay part i realy can't go into everything that is in it becouse it is humongus, and hundreds of things to do outside the story. You got gambling, hostess clubs hot springs, arcade machines, golf, just to name some of them and there is lots of more mini games. The gameplay for the characters part is amazing realy not much new, only the new charcters with different fighting styles that you can unlock more moves as you progress. And for those who are hunting trophies i would not recommend this as it is nooot easy to get platinum. Almost all the minigames got something to do with the trophies so lots to do. I dont think the gameplay suits everyone though but i love it. If you have never been in japan this is your preview chance. You will be amazed of how it is there. I love it nothing near as how it is in my country. Graphics: Not too much is different from yakuza 3 here but i dont mind to much about graphics if its not too bad and the rest of the game is perfect. I know we are living in a graphic drugd world where a big deal of the worlds gamers can't handle a bit bad graphics so if the game is extremely good many just can't handle it becouse the graphics was a bit behind. That is realy sad actually. But we got to live with that. ;-P Now for this game the cutscenes have a bit better graphic then the game itself but not much and the graphics of the persons are great not too good on the environment though. You can learly see the moods on people's faces and that ads more to the story when you can see the expression of the conversations and so on. Sound: great music much like the previous games but why change too much on that. Not too many things to say about it that comes to mind. Just great.

For the final verdict, i hope that many will try this one out and hopefully buy it cose it is a rare diamond in the gaming world between all the fake pearls that comes out. I will highly recommend it to everyone that finds any review of this game tempting in any way. I just want to express myself on how i feel about it and enjoyed every hour of it and will still play this for many hours to come. I must say that the gaming world has become very tight in many ways not many try to do their best and if they try too many fails in every way. But with this game the other games in the series of yakuza was great and they have just added more and more as the games have come out. It is very special to think about this game against other open world games like GTA and red dead redemption and some FPS games in the open. As of GTA and red dead you got huge worlds with many things to do just exept the crappy GTA 4 sorry for those who realy love that one but for me a huge step in graphics and physics and a huge step back in what was so great about it ( all the things you could do when the story was finished. And i must say those huge worlds i those games compared to Yakuza 4 that is not so huge but just smack all of them with a big hammer to the head and laughs. Becouse there is more things to do here than any of GTA games and red dead. Maybe san andreas gets close but the good thing with a little open world is that all the things you can do is almost right around the corner. But enough of me talking **** about other games and only good about this i love it maybe and hopefully you do to. Buy this one over those crappy FPS mega graphical games that ends in a day or 2. This will hang on for many hours. And yes i know you gor online to care about in FPS games and others but its all the same almost. Try something new for a change something that deserves the money. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!