Another great entry in the Yakuza series.

User Rating: 10 | Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumono PS3

What can I say about Yakuza 4? There's lot of great things I can say about this game. Unlike past games where you only play as Kiryu, in this game, you play with three other people who are somehow intertwined with each other and the events that happen throughout the game. You play as Shun Akiyama, a man with a loaning business called Sky Finance and relies on his kicks in combat. He's a slick man with a soft spot for females. Of course it's not Yakuza without Kazuma Kiryu who doesn't actually appear until a little later in the game which is after the events of Yakuza 3 where he almost got killed by one of his own former "brothers" of the Tojo Clan. There's also Taiga Saejima, a man who wants answers to something that happened while he was rotting away in prison. In my opinion, Saejima is one of my favorite characters in that game and it's not just because he's a big man who does some heavy damage in combat. It's because he's a man of heart, even going as far as explaining to people in a fight that killing is a nightmare he can never forget. The other character is this detective named Masayoshi Tanimura who is known as the "Parasite of Kamurocho" because of his love of gambling which is against the law. He's just someone who does things his own way even though he's a cop. Playing as four characters actually works in this game because of the story. There's a few sad moments, others are funny, others are pretty awesome. There's even a cool install time with the characters doing fighting poses and a little biography on them. We meet old friends like Goro Majima (3rd Patriarch of the Tojo Clan's Majima Family) Date (DAH-TAY), and even Kage the Florist from that underground city called Purgatory. Even new characters like Hana who was Akiyama's assistant at Sky Finance. Aside from story and great action, there's also hostess clubs, machine games, random fights, karaoke, even strip clubs. I personally enjoy the karaoke mini games because some of those people can actually sing. Oh and I have to enjoy the superior Japanese voice acting but with a game like that, it has to be in Japanese because the English voice acting which was in the first Yakuza game was not liked at all. With a game like that which is in a Japanese setting, it sounds better. Overall, this is just a great game to play.