Kiryu Kazuma is back!!! Even though it's completely in Japanese it is still amazing

User Rating: 9 | Ryu ga Gotoku 3 PS3
I know alot of fans of Yakuza and Yakuza 2 are waiting for a western release but as you've probably heard unfortunately we're not getting it so I though oh well the demo was that great i'll get the Japanese version. This game takes part in the same area in Tokyo and Okinawa. The Graphics are probably the best I've seen and most importantly it has that brilliant combat system that makes the games what they are.

Gameplay- Right im gonna start on the negative then build up the positive. first the game is all in japanese subtitles and dialect so sometimes its hard to know whats going on but you can usually guess and probably be completely wrong. my favorite part so far that I actually understood and made me laugh (SPOILERS) when one of the main characters pretends to be your boyfreind so you and him can get upstairs in abhotel to kick someones head in.

Most objectives are marked out on the map and are easy to do and if worse to comes to worse there is a very good walkthrough by The Patrick. It involves you having to go around and following a storyline which is hard to follow and then fighting bosses and other enemies. The fighting is aot like the other yakuza games with better graphics and never gets boring.

There are alot of side-quests to do but I have not yet done many. They do give instruction that I can't follow as they are all in japanese =[ but there is a story line to follow anyway.

Graphics- These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a game and are really impressive and realistic. As all the videos are in japanese it gave me time to real look at the graphics as i was'nt concentrating on the story.

Sound- The sound of the streets and towns are really realistic with noisy backgrounds and the sound of chatting in the background. Great sound acting and the music the game is'nt too bad, the opening theme loser is actually a really good song.

Replayability- There are lots of mini-games to play and trophies to collect. I think this game will allways be one that I can come back to and play over and over again as the fighting does'nt get boring and there is so much to do. There is also 80 sub-missions to do aswell.

Summary- would have been a 10 is it had a story to follow that was in english but if you are a Yakuza fan Import this game even though it is'nt in english it is still playable and I am really enjoying it, if your not too sure play the demo first on the japanese PSN.

Anyway thanks for reading