Yakuza 3 is packed with content!

User Rating: 9 | Ryu ga Gotoku 3 PS3
Yakuza 3 plays like a beat 'em up but feels more like an RPG thanks to a long involving story, areas to explore and side missions to undertake, as well as a bunch of mini games to play.

The story continues where Yakuza 2 left off, thankfully Yakuza 3 offers to retell the events of both Yakuza and Yakuza 2 in case you haven't experienced them. Expect the game to last you over 40 hours, and that's if you ignore most of the stuff you come across.

There are so many characters in Yakuza 3 that it will get confusing to keep track of names at times. Get ready for some long cut scenes, the intro can take up to 45 minutes (and you can double that if you re-watch the events from previous games) before you can actually start playing. All of those are skippable but the game also kindly offers to save in between. The story also begins quite slow before building up to some serious business.

The combat is pretty simple, there are only two buttons to fight with, but it can feel a bit clunky before you get some additional special moves to use and spice things up. Expect to encounter random thugs on almost every corner. The cities you will be playing in look alive at both day and night, thanks to the impressive amount of pedestrians you can see on the streets.

The story can at times feel pretty trivial, as you will be doing some chores for elderly people, but all of that just makes the whole experience better because you get to do a lot of different things like fishing, dating, hunting assassins or swindlers which gets you more invested in the characters and the town itself.

If you haven't played Yakuza 3, do so now.