Give Xsyon a try!!

User Rating: 10 | Xsyon PC

I highly recommend Xsyon to anyone that likes to play mmo sandbox type games. Xsyon is by far the best one I have played. There is an extensive tutorial to teach you all the basics. You start out with a few items based on the skills you chose. The crafting and building systems are very direct and easy to figure out. No you are not going to know everything when just starting out. You will have to learn and enhance your skills over time. If you start out in this game thinking you are gonna be big and tough and kill that hamster that just walked past you,think again that thing will eat you for a snack and then walk off like nothing happened. Just as in real life it takes time to grow strong or build skills. I play on both pve and pvp and everyone is friendly and helpful. New people joining pvp do not have to be scared of get ganked when they join as everyone is to busy working on there skills, exploring or looking for there next meal. Xsyon is an ever evolving post apocalyptic world. Only the bravest and most determined will make it in this hostile yet beautiful environment,where even the smallest of creatures can be deadly.