Has some serious potential, but fails to deliver lasting entertainment. Makes for a painfully mediocre experienc

User Rating: 6.5 | XIII PS2
Beneath XIII's stylish exterior lies very little. It certainly seems fresh and exciting once you begin playing, yet quickly grows dull; it possesses no replay value whatsoever.

Multiplayer makes for a poor experience for a few annoying reasons. Firstly, there simply aren't enough spawn points on the maps. Secondly, the maps are far too small, and perhaps even more annoyingly, there aren't enough of them to begin with.

However, the multiplayer experience is the least of my worries. The biggest problem with XIII for the PlayStation 2 lies in its core gameplay mechanics, to be more precise, aiming feels sluggish and awkward, which greatly detracts from the game's overall enjoyability. Luckily for those who prefer their shooters on PC, this awkward and sluggish aiming issue does not exist on the PC version of the game.

I wouldn't consider playing it a complete waste of time, however I wouldn't consider playing it time well spent either.