Is it possible to be to real?

User Rating: 6.5 | XIII Century: Death or Glory PC
Is it possible to be to real? If so, this game goes way overboard on realism.

What started out to look like a very promising game turned out to be quite a disappointment. Plagued by bad AI and multiple crashes, this game fell short of my expectations.

Graphics: Not to shabby for an RTS of this type. But having it crash on my system every 15 minutes kind of took away from the glory.

Gameplay - Just plain...well rough. To hard to control the formations. The inability to customize your keyboard. And the lack of a better than average tutorial didnt help much either.

Storyline - Authentic, and done quite well. From the acurate depictions to the voiceover, this was the only saving grace for this game.

This is definitely a bargin bin game and I would strongly suggest waiting for a few patches before even attempting that.