Extreme - G keeps getting better and faster...

User Rating: 10 | XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association PS2
I don't how this game got a 7.2 from gamespot this game play's so smoothly. has to be the best one since the first one. With great music, and AI that keeps coming back for more goes great with the game, and sound that is perfect, you can here everything around you and wane you reach top speed everything goes blurry with the sound and music going behind you, (now try that on surround sound)… There's 14 tracks to choose from were you can customize the weather, battling, speed, how many laps, choose from night to day, or how many opponents you want to race against, from just your self up to seven to battle with. There's 5 classis to choose from wane you unlock them from invitation class witch is like the normal speed to ultrasonic class, witch is really fun and fast.

But I would recommend tying this game first if you get dizzy or your eyes start to hurt from how fast the game can be.