'I almost felt a part of the game' Immersive and Amazing

User Rating: 8.9 | XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association PS2
This is the 4th game in the legendary XG series. After XG3 this game needed to live up to great expectations. This game doesnt disappoint. I felt a certain 'magic' when i played this game for the first time. I almost felt a part of the game. The graphics are a great improvment and there are some new bike designs with differant characteristics. The tracks are unique, especially the double corkscrew over the start/finish line. The commentators are also pretty cool when there always taunting each other. I feel that the sound of the bikes could be improved and the range of speech between the riders in race could also be enhanced. The scenery is very good (including the southern lights in the antarctic) and moving asteriods with saturn in the background. Overall this game is a great successor to XG3 but it still has faults like any game. If your interested in this sort of game, this is a must have.