Not that fun.

User Rating: 5 | 3D Classics: Xevious 3DS
I would spend money on something else then this because it is boring it is easy to play but it is boring.But this game is not the worst 3D Classic it is just not a great one.The gameplay is ok,Graphics ok for a Classic,Concept there really is no concept all it is is trying to not get shot and trying to destory things but that is the concept if you think there even is a concept.The game is alright but it might get boring at some parts I would atleast give this a 5.0 out of 10.The game is 5.99 but to me this game is atleast worth 2.00$.If you liked the original dont think this is a new version of it because it is not.But if you really liked the original then you should get this game because not they made it a on-the-go game.This game has fun levels but it might get boring.This game is a ok game.This is not a waste of money as some user's said but it could of been a whole lot better.