While Xevious doesn't look great or sound great anymore, it still retains its title as a classic arcade shooter.

User Rating: 6 | Xevious NES
Xevious was a fun action shooter for the NES in the 80s. It started its life as an arcade game and moved to the NES, keeping most of its quality intact. While the NES version of the game (the version used for the VC) isn't as pretty as the arcade original and doesn't have the same audio quality, it's still fun to play.

The graphics are decent. Back in the day they were pretty good, now they're just blah. The look isn't terrible, but it's nothing special. The audio, however, is repetitive and annoying. The same clip of music plays over and over and over.

The gameplay, thankfully, is still intact. The gameplay is simple: shoot everything that moves in the sky and bomb everything that moves on the ground. You'll have some fun with this game if you like classic arcade shooters. You can also play against a buddy to see who can get the highest score.

Xevious isn't anyting special, but for $5, it's an ok deal. You won't play it that much, but it's a great game to play in quick bursts when you're bored.