I actually own this game as a mini game on Star Fox Assault... just to let you know. You'll get bored of in a few min.

User Rating: 4.2 | Xevious NES
The game starts a with a nice little melody. After that, all you do is simply hold down the b button and you'll hear this annoying "plee, plee, plee" sound the rest of the time. There are about 6-8 enemies in this game and you'll see almost everything in less than a minute. There are enemies on the ground you drop a bomb on. Some enemies will fire at you a few seconds after you started, and it only takes one hit on your ship to a splode. You'll hear the same annoying 2 second background noise constantly.The game is overall normal until the very end where there's a huge thing you have to bomb which is very difficult. It only takes a couple minutes to get through and still haven't beaten this game because of the very end. 20 years ago it would have been an ok game but today it just didn't age well at all. There are no new weapons are power ups but everything only needs one hit to be destroyed. Keep in mind though that this is one of the first shooter games ever. If you really want to own this, it's only $5. Another possibility is to purchase Star Fox Assault and collect all 10 silver badges. That's why I did.