Fun, simple, and challenging shooter!

User Rating: 8 | Xevious NES
Xevious was not a very graphically appealing game on the NES, but it's simple and challenging game play made it one of my favorite shooters on the console.

Xevious seems like an endless scrolling top down shooter, where waves and waves of endless bogeys, shrapnel, and ground targets come to engage you.
You ship comes equipped with twin cannons and bomb with have an infinite amount of ammo thank god. You must manually bomb the ground targets as soon as they are in your reticule while remembering to fire at the air enemies as well. You don't have to kill the ground targets but some will be heavy turret emplacements that will shoot tons of projectiles at you, so you want to take them out quickly.

There are no levels, you just fly endlessly over old school computer generated looking terrain and water. At the end of certain sections you will have to face a huge drop ship which can be pretty difficult to get close to and bomb.

It may sound simplistic but it is addicting and fun. It will challenge any hardcore veteran shooter fan! :D