Xevious 3D/G+ Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Twisting Ship

    If you have a ''NeGcon'' controller you can use it to twist your ship.

    Contributed by: FFantasyX 

  2. Classic Secret Messages

    In the original Xevious, the developer inserted a secret message that could be revealed at the very beginning of the game. Move your Solvalou to the far bottom-right corner and continue to bomb. As the first set of spinning disc ships come very close to your Solvalou, shoot them down. The message should appear.

    This also applies to Super Xevious and Xevious Arrangement, which each have their own secret messages.

    Contributed by: Sketch Tucker 

  3. Cheat Codes

    The ship codes are all entered at the "Xevious 3D/G" title screen. You need to highlight "Game Start" before entering the codes, and you need to hold all the buttons until the game begins. For the Dark Solvalou code, you need to first highlight "Reset" (bottom option), so that the cursor moves to "Game Start" (top option) once you press Select, otherwise the code will not work. For the Wide Solvalou code, you need to place the cursor on the next to last option, so that once you hold Select and press Start, you'll exit the configuration menu, then you press Start again to begin the game (while still holding all the buttons).

    Effect Effect
    At the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select, and then press Start. Dark Solvalou
    At the original Xevious title screen press Square + X + Start at the same time. Debug Mode (Effects Unknown).
    At the title screen, hold Left + X + O + Start until you see the ship turning into Heihachi. Ship Transforms into Heihachi (1st Player Only)
    At the title screen, hold Right + X + O + Start until you see the ship turning into Paul. Ship Transforms into Paul (2nd Player Only)
    Enter the Configuration screen, highlight "Key Config", hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select, and then press Start. And Start once again to begin. Wide Solvalou

    Contributed by: ReyVGM, FFantasyX, pyrodude, Mikeaspike 

  4. Extra Credits

    At the game select menu, move the cursor to Xevious 3D/G, and then enter the code below to get extra credits. If done properly, you'll hear the sound of a bomb being launched from the Solvalou.

    Effect Effect
    Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and repeatedly press Circle Extra credits (sometimes infinite, but not always)

    Contributed by: Larcen Tyler 

  5. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Once you've beaten the game, an S-Flag will become available in the main menu, and it will reveal some cool Extra options. Extra S-Flag
    First get black ship. Go to Xevious title screen, select 'configuration mode' and highlight 'exit'. Highlight 'reset' and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+start. When the 'game start' option is highlighted, hold the L/R buttons press start again until ship changes. Fat Ship

    Contributed by: piecemealcranky, FFantasyX