Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Swimsuit mode

    Beat the game once to unlock Swimsuit mode in the Memory Code event viewer.

    Contributed by: digitalgamer 

  2. Shions ''Vector'' uniform

    Have a Xenosaga episode II clear game data save on your memory card, And at the title screen of Xenosaga episode III, start a new game. And it lets you load up a Xenosaga episode II save file. Once you do that, Shion will have her "Vector" costume, for the new game.

    Contributed by: Gabysha 

  3. Clothing

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat game, save "Clear Data," load that data. Allen Swimsuit
    Beat game, save "Clear Data," load that data. chaos Flawless
    Floating Landmass Crypt through EVS: Use console at the entrance to the temple to gain access to a secret area. chaos Swimsuit
    Labyrinthos, Margulis's Room: Treasure box. Jin Swimsuit
    Miltia World Map, Right Side: Open Treaure box. Jr. Swimsuit
    Buy it at a store. KOS-MOS D Unit V1
    Elsa, E.S. Bay: Complete Segment Address, access this data to confirm completion, talk to Theodore. KOS-MOS Swimsuit
    Dabrye Mine's Entrance: Defeat Mai, return to entrance, play with the crane game a few times. MOMO Swimsuit
    Steal from Red Testament's ally. Shion Research Uniform
    Pedea Island, West Side: EVS to this island and search Shion's housing for a treasure box. Shion Swimsuit
    Steal from Red Testament. Shion White Shirt
    Clear Advanced Hakox Levels. Ziggy Swimsuit

    Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid 

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