not as good as the first but good enough to keep you going.

User Rating: 9.1 | Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose PS2
when i played the first i loved it didn't take long either, but when i dove into the second game i was instantly thrown off by how much the characters had changed visually.

the first game had a cute chibi style for most of the characters and the second jumps them right into looking relistic so apart from the style of the characters this game is pretty solid.

gameplay: as i stated before that this game is almost entirely built on story the gameplay does suffer a bit tough it is better then the first.
with the addition of mechs and dual attacks it has more to it.

the only bad thing is the mechs are really slow but the attacks they have can get pretty flashy.

anyway that's all i have to say.

graphics: though i hate the style of the characters, except for junior and maybe kos-mos. the game has some impressive graphics which as always look the best during the space fights.

as for space fights, they defently went up a notch and became more action orinted which is saying alot when you have ships as big as the durandel and the dammerung.

the stages like the first game are very big and you normaly will be caught walking through the stages wondering were the end is. but that's a big reason why i favor this game over others, the cities like second miltia have a ton of places to visit and feel like real cities unlike game with a smal area and 4 buildings which are passed off as a city. a city yeah right more like a town or something.

the fmvs are and will always be entertaining, even if most of them are the bueatiful space fights, but still the normal battles are decent but i was expecting more of an improvement.

now if the characters looked better.

sound: ok i think it is obvious that i don't care about music.

voices: admitedly some could be better like shion who sounds horribly muffled, most of the characters sound the same as they did in the first game.

it was a good thing the story was not hurt to badly even though shion sounds so fake half the time.

as for chaos his is an improvement and really reflects his personality well.

sfx: most of the sounds that you hear are heard in the first game so on to mechs which sound awsome and exactly the way you would expect.

if your a robot and tech nut like me you know what robots should sound like, every movement should make a piston like sound followed by a metallic clang, and due to the size of the mechs takeing a single step should sound like thunder in a way.

all the sounds are there unless you don't use asher.

story: ah the one thing that makes up for visuals and minor voice problems.
the story i like the first very long which makes it feel like playing through a movie or an anime series, the story is still on it's own level and almost never looks the same as anything else.

character development is still strong as ever and you even get to meet a few newcomers who dispite not showing up for long you will still get to know them back and forth.

also all the cast if i'm right have returned which is also good because you never have to ask "why is so and so not here" which plenty of game leave you in the dark about.

the game is built on the story which never lets it down.

overal: this is an awesome game though not as awesome as the first was it still is good, all sounds are spot on, all voices [besides shion] feel genuine and real, though lip syncing could have been improved.

graphics are better then last game by leaps and bounds, but the characters look rushed, the ships and mechs look like they took decades to make and are complete down to the last detail. the durandel when it shows up to rescue the elsa is the best example and it looks pretty and huge, best show of size that is on the game. at that point you get the whole idea of how massive that ship is and you start to wonder what damage it could really do.............

....... that might only be me......

anyway solid game with a great story, you can't say that about most other games like half the sonic games and nearly all mario games, the only sonic games that held that title were the adventure series. don't get me started on other games.