How can anyone like this awkward excuse for an RPG.

User Rating: 4 | Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose PS2
Firstly I have nothing against Namco, Soulcallibur is awesome but this game is so unlike any RPG ive ever played before, this is just like Phantasy Star Universe except with turn based combat.
Ill start with the basic buttons, first f up is that X is O, what the hell were they thinking, u wanna be different sure just don't do that, the button config is crap.
Next is the battle system, the most confusing pile of **** ive ever seen, button combos to attack, a bit like Super Robot Taisen except that is an easy button system to get used to unlike this ****.
Difficulty is next, yeh i know u gotta have a bit of a challenge, but save it till further in the game instead of the first boss raping you, man and i thought Final Fantasy games were hard, compared to this they're like completing lv 1-1 on Super Mario.

All I reeli gotta say is that when i saw the ads for the series in gaming mags i was like WOW this looks cool i wanna play this, all i can say is holy **** this games f***in horrible.

In summary
Crap Controls
Way too Hard
Decent Story
F***ed Battle System (y is simple turn based too much to ask for)
It only cost me $20 so im not complaining just that u guys are delusional if u think this is actually a good game.

4/10 and only because i like the box art and Mechas