Major glitch: Corrupted Save Data.

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So after a few days of playing this game and finally getting the materials necessary to make the 3rd pick my saved game somehow got screwed over. Whenever I load my game I'm stuck inside a wall but it looks like I'm floating in mid air. I can't move, place blocks, use my pick, or do anything. Pretty much the entire saved game is useless now which kinda makes me upset. Sure I could die or press start and respawn but I'd still lose all my items. Anyone else have this problem? It would have been nice if they would have taken their time with this game instead of rushing to hit the release date...
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I am hoping that you have found a solution to your problem by now. If you have not played since then there has been a patch release that has fixed many issues. I had an issue similar to what you have experienced. I took off my boots and suit and my person was then able to move. I then put them back on and it fixed the issue. There is a new update on the way that is adding a bunch of new great stuff. It is a great game. You should check it back out if you put it down.