Breast milk.

User Rating: 9.5 | Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition (Square Millennium Collection) PS
There is a brain behind the game, believe me. When you first start a new game in Xenogears you become an archeologist with a dusty artifact in your grasp; as you slowly and carefully brush the dust off of the artifact with strokes of brilliant deliberation, you may very well find your own face beneath the dust. Why? The brain behind the game. With so many twists in the plot, even at the end you will wonder to yourself if there are even more hidden and insane secrets. You may ask yourself, "Is Fei really a space alien after all?" or "What is the purpose of controlling society?" Little did you know the game itself is the twist that broke the barrier between simulation and reality, the game is a message from the brain to make you into a being of higher understanding.
Ah, Toby. The finest plot in the South Farthing. Intrigue. Profundity. Mythology. Insight. Power. Corruption. Adrenaline. There are countless emotions that I associate with this game. The shock of unveiling a secret, the torture of looking your fear in the face. The plot is like the writings of Arthur C. Clarke when it addresses science on a fascinating scale, and like Ursula K. Leguin when it addresses the thoughts of characters and the spiritual realm.
The music is both profound and catchy. The use of chanting and acoustic instruments give it an earthy and human feeling, one of the main themes of the game. Every moment of grand adrenaline is given it's own song. I can feel the wind of Yggdrasil blowing my long hair from my face. My teeth gritty with the sands of Aveh. The Young Master in noble stature. Lord Fei in intense posture. Part of the excitement is to bring the friends back to the mother ship Yggdrasil.
The game play is basic and to the point. Hardly boring, but the frequency of the battles can be disconcerting. The character combos and ether attacks are satisfying, but nothing is quite like the gear battles. The producers saved the important battles mostly for gear, and for good reason. There is nothing like the sound of crushing and hammering plate steel. The game play requires you to be alert and always searching for the best move. You must also make wise decision outside of combat with purchasing, customization, and puzzle solving. Another thing I like about the game play is the ability to rotate the screen.
The graphics are as good as they should be, and excellent animated cut scenes. One of the most exciting books I've ever read. I mean, played.