For Kids

User Rating: 1 | Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition (Square Millennium Collection) PS
Very childish game, if u wanna good rpg play FFVII at least the character and enemies look good and not like little kids like they do in xenogears and whole gas and go thing is lame, everyone agrees that the battle systems is bad and almost every says the music is junk, im not saying that FFVII us the best rpg ever cause its not, but Perfect World International is. There are way better rpgs today but if want old-school good u wanna go with the game that was the best for that time, its not opinion either thats fact, almost everyone u know has heard of or played FFvII i have never heard of xenogears until two nights ago and all the gamers i know that have played and beat tons of games has never heard of it, could only be one reason why and thats cause its terrible, as said a million times the story is way to in depth and some of the characters are useless and disk 2-3 is all story line if i wanted to read i wouldnt buy a game to do so!