Grahf and Elly

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This is an interesting little thing I was pondering...

Grahf saves Elly on multiple occasions - first in Nortune and then later after Ramsus' attack. He also didn't attack her while on the Goliath.


He did attack her in Solaris though.

And of course on either side of beating her up he watched both her parents get brutally murdered. He didn't do it personally but he also didn't really stop it as she was tortured by Miang. He should know more than anyone that seeing those around her hurt is far more painful than even death to Elly.

So my first question is - what, if anything, do you think Grahf felt for Elly?  Do you perhaps think he felt nothing for "this" Elly but he still loved Sophia? Or was he just too far gone in the sanity and emotional department to really love anything anymore?

And now flip it around - did Elly feel anything for him? I was thinking on this as I recalled Lacan's finding Miang in Shevat. Some sort of ghost of Sophia appears and tries to warn him away. Assuming that was her actual spirit, she was  obviously trying to protect him from his rather grim fate even after death.
But does modern Elly retain any of that affection for Lacan?  I know Fei is Lacan kinda but you get what I mean.

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Grahf would not kill Elly since he knew she was the "perfect" reincarnation of Miang.
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That was a pretty thoughtful question! How many times have you played Xenogears?