This game blew me away! I can assure you that this game will make anyone's top 5 list!. A must play for any gamer!

User Rating: 10 | Xenoblade WII
When I first picked up this game I was actually waiting for the release of The Last Story to come out and had some down time. I had heard really good things about Xenoblade Chronicles so I decided to check it out. By the time that The Last Story was released I was unable to play it because I couldn't stop playing this game. It quickly became an addiction to me. The game was so brilliantly put together that you'll never want to put this game down. I simply cannot stress enough what a great game this is. I feel as though the game is extremely underrated and I chose to write this review to help influence anyone toward purchasing it. Story, score, graphics, gameplay, character development, organization, fun, make this game legendary.

Story: 10/10
When I had checked other reviews for this game, almost no one said anything about the story. This may be one of the most overlooked things for this game because the story is absolutely amazing. What starts as just a simple journey for revenge evolves into so, so much more. Now it's true that there are a few cliché things in game that happen in many rpgs, but the clichés never make you feel like it's something you've heard a hundred times before. Also there are a few plot twists that you never see coming which will bring surprise. The further you get into the story the more you're going to enjoy it.

Score: 10/10
The score was one of the best things in this game. Every place you visited has a good musical vibe to back it up. I actually found myself humming the music to myself. At several points I even paused the game just to hear the music. The game does a good job of placing appropriate music to enhance the area. The score in satori marsh at night for example makes the place feel so mystical and alluring. You're also given intense music during boss battles and calm majestic music during times when it calls for it. The soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles is likely to be the best one you've ever heard in a video game.

Character Development: 9.5/10
For me, this category matters a lot. I feel as though you can give so much more out of a game when you really get to know the characters and this game certainly won't let you down here. You get to really see a good extent of how the characters feel about each other throughout the game. There are even optional heart-to-heart side quests that let you see how your two favorite characters react with one another. For example Sharla is desperately looking for her boyfriend Gadolt, and many points in the game show you how desperate she is to get an answer to what happened to him.

Graphics: 8.8/10
After taking into account that this is a wii game and isn't HD compatible, you'll see how great the graphics in this game are. True several spots don't quite feel up to par with other games in 2012, it certainly is in no way lacking. Throughout the game you will still have wonderful scenery that is beautiful and gives you the sense of being on the bionis' leg, head, or anywhere.

Gameplay: 9.2/10
The gameplay in Xenoblade gives us a good feel of a standard rpg and takes it further. As you fight through hordes of enemies you can choose attacks listed on the bottom of the screen. As the characters level up you gain more and more skills that allow for customization of the attacks you can do. Also several attacks gain bonuses when doing things like hitting an enemy from the back or while it is under a certain status. This provides a great fighting sense and allows you to plan according to deliver more damage to an enemy.

Customization: 9/10
The customization is great in this game. Gems can be equipped to your characters weapons and armor in order to grant them bonuses. Also weapons and armor change the way your characters will look which is one of my favorite things in a video games. However, some of the armor looks the same with just a different color which is my only complaint but it isn't enough to feel disappointing.

Organization: 9.7/10
The game is very well organized. Theres a log to keep track of all the side quests you need to do and have completed. On your mini-map it will even show you where several objects are for your side quest. Also 90% of the side quests don't make you go back to the person who asked you to do it; you are just instantly given the reward. Also the game will let you know of items you will need for future side quests. Buying and selling weapons or armor is easy to do. Without having to scroll through a bunch of stuff everything is neatly put into a sub category making it easy to find the item you're looking for. It may take the first couple of hours to associating things like topple and daze to the indicated symbols, but once learned it is very simple.

Difficulty: 5.5/10
(1 being easiest, 10 being hardest) This game falls right in the middle of what you would want a game difficulty to be. The game allows you to flow through it easily. No boss is so challenging that it will cause you to give up at the game and at the same time you may need to fight some bosses 2-3 times to overcome them. I believe that this provides the perfect level of challenge so you don't feel like the game is a cakewalk or frustrating.

Fun: 10/10
When I played this game I never wanted to put it down. I can assure you that you're going to have a good time with Xenoblade. The main story is very intriguing and the world is very big so you never feel like you just have to walk through it. Even certain side quests like rebuilding colony 6 will have you actually wanting to rebuild it to see how the colony looks when it is rebuilt and visit the shops for additional goodies. Xenoblade is a masterpiece and should not be missed by any game. The game took me 105 hours to complete but I honestly wish there was even more of the main story to do. This game is now a favorite of mine and I've never played a game like this one. It's original, fun and engaging. Never has any game left such a lasting impression on me as this one has. Throughout it, you'll be just dying to see what happens next.