A pretty simple game with an interesting premise and some fun game play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Xenoblade WII
Walking into this game I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to feel. On one hand, I am a huge fan of RPG games and clearly understand how they are played. But on the other hand, I don't pride myself with too many Japanese oriented games.

I won't sugar coat it; this game takes some getting used too. Primarily for the fact that when you are a more mature gamer, things tend to get a little on the odd side. Granted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that by any means. You can be weird and still be considered a success I mean look at Hollywood actors. What this game does have a tendency to do though, is to cheese up the screen with some "stellar" acting.

Starting off this game has one thing going for it. The word Xeno in the name. I don't know what it is but games that I have encountered with the name Xeno anywhere in the mix is a good game overall (see Xenogears). Another good thing the game has going for it, is an awesome environment. I tell you what if there is anything that I love more about this game it is all the lush grasslands and scary looking caves that really get into your gaming spirit.

You meet a few characters and you start to get off on a good foot killing some baddies with a smooth interface and fast paced action. A+ to you guys for understanding that. I mean it should be pretty straight forward; run, hit A, run again, special attack. But I have seen games that can't seem to grasp that. With Xenoblade you get an awesome game play experience.

Now if you ask me the first thing that a game must be able to do for the most part is be able to wow me with a story. I mean yeah I like to play some Pac-Man every once in a while when I don't want the mediocre characters and their psychological baggage. But a game is as good as it gets when you can tell me a story and I can understand it. My god, can I understand this story. It is simple yet complex which is awesome because when you think you have figured out *BAM* a main character dies and all of a sudden you have been betrayed. I love it.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a character you fall in love with and get to know on almost a personal level get yanked from your grasp and dropped from a building. Morbid, I know.

Now lets get to the nasty part. The voice acting...

I don't understand what the director of the game was thinking when he decided to cast British wood as an entire cast of characters. I mean yeah some of the acting is okay and its alright and yeah they say words. My only problem is, when you have a game that has a huge story, please let them act with some talent. Maybe I don't have a complete understanding of the English language but I do have enough of an understanding that you shouldn't finish your sentences with sounds. And when you make a game where the characters talk during fights try to section out some script where there is some nice silence or some sword sound effects. I can't tell you how many times I have heard one character use the same 3 phrases in one fight. 12... 12 times... That is 36 phrases in one fight. It is an opinion and I won't tell you how you should like the game.

Now this one is a personal problem but a fun anecdote for anyone who has had a similar experience. So I played the game for a couple of weeks and got really into it made it to like level 52 on my character knew all the mechanics and then stopped. I like to move around in games because it keeps me on my toes (so I thought). So somewhere around 3 weeks ago I saw the game case and was like "Hey, I should play this game again!!" So I did. Now I was at a part in the game where you fight what are essentially humans with wings for ears. *SPOILER* Your weapon doesn't work against those... It doesn't... At all... Like nothing... Now I understand I should have remembered that little bit of information but then again I play WOW, BF3, DOTA 2, Animal Crossing, and many steam games. In a week. That is a lot of mechanics to remember and when something as trivial as "This don't work on no humans with them wing ears" doesn't tend to stick in my memory.

All of that aside, yes I know I spent a majority with bad experiences. Honestly in my opinion. This is one of the few games that I can look at those flaws and want to pick it back up again. The game literally makes up for all of that with its brilliant game mechanics. Wonderful graphics and environments. Its truck loads of enemies and just over all fun. It is definitely worth a play.

Play it.
Finish it.
Respect it.