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I picked this game up a couple of days ago. Since then, it's pretty much devoured all of my freetime. It's a shame that this game won't ever get the recognition that it deserves due to the fact that people are graphics whores and the game is on the Wii. Seriously, though - some of the vistas in this game are literally jaw-dropping. Any developer who says good graphics are determined by the number of pixels needs to be shown this game. 

Anyway, I'm currently level 39/40 with about 28 hours playtime. I just reached the Eryth Sea. I'm wondering roughly how far I am through the game. It's so great that I never want it to end, but I have a feeling I'm around 1/3 of the way through it or so. I've been doing every single sidequest that I can get my hands on. I check back at Colony 6 semi-frequently, but lately new quests haven't been appearing there. I'm hoping I can really get to rebuilding after I meet the empire. 

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Your close to 1/3 of the story I think. Eryth Sea/Alcomoth has tons of side-quests though so that might keep you busy. As for Colony 6, you'll have to get further in the story to get access to items needed for its reconstruction. More side-quests will start to appear for Colony 6 as you continue reconstruction and inviting people from other areas to move there.

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you are no where near the end of the game. you finish around level 80 and it will take anywhere from sixty to one hundred hours to complete based on how much you do. its a great game, just finished tonight at 80 hours

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I've been hearing 150-200 hours if you do everything. There are 400 side quests, and I guess about 100 story ones.