I don't get the chain link

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So, when all three bars are blue you are chain linked and connected by red lines, but how do you change to the other characters to use their arts? That mech with the face took me about an hour, and that was only half way, as he then ran off. What am I missing, the manual and in game tutorial don't help at all.

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When you use chain link you will basically get a free turn at using 1 of your art abilities per character, with a chance to use even more if you are good at timing the B button circle thing. So for example, you activate chain link and now the combat is sort of paused. You won't get attacked during this time and you can freely select any art once per character. It's good for doing a break/topple/daze combo for example or some clutch heals.

Its worth noting that when you use chain link any art that was on cooldown will still be available. I typically use it to break then topple the enemy and if i need some healing i can use a free heal on someone or the AOE heal.

Anyway dont take my word on this 100% im only about 25 hours in but that's pretty much how chain link works as far as i can tell.

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Well after much searching on the internet, I can now answer my own question. This is for anyone else who doesn't know how to do this.

First off, let me say that nowhere in the manual or tutorials does it even come close to explaining this. Oh sure, they tell you all about the chain link, except the most important part, how to do it.

Did you know that if you go to the middle of the arts menu at the bottom of the screen, the place where you use the menado, you can quit fighting, run, lure( works great for flying enemies). You just put the cursor there and use the D pad up or down. Well, that is also how you do the chain link; when it is available you can highlight it and time will stop to allow you to set the art you want for each person in the party.

I'd like to also add that, and you can find this in the game, you might want to use a break art first, topple next, and finally daze.

Since hardly anyone is still using this forum, I hope this can still help someone, maybe even the person who actually first answered this post.

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Love this on the n3ds,what an amazingly good game love everything about it, about 7 hours into it