Control scheme guys? Absolute best, most comfortable, etc.

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I was wondering if I should get a classic controller pro or stick with Wiimote+nunchuk, for the absolute best way to play this game. 

All I know is that the camera can be moved better on the ccp, but artes and whatnot are much better on the wii remote. 

Thing is, I was planning on buying a Wiimote Plus to play the new Zelda, and getting a ccp just to complete the deal. But if Xenoblade isn't that good with the ccp, then I'm just gonna cancel those plans overall.  

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i didnt play with the ccp, but i felt the controls were just fine. it takes a little getting used to but after a few hours its very comfortable, no need for a ccp. the camera is changed using z and c at the same time, which is very easy to do, and the arts access is amazing with the wiimote