Green Man Gaming has the best price - Just paid £13.00

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Hi guys. I'm subscribed to the Green Man Gaming Newsletter, and using a 25% voucher I got on it, I just paid £13 for the Steam version of XCOM: Enemy Within.

The problem is, my friend tried to use the code I got, but it's valid only for my user... :(

So, if you want to try, create an account there and subscribe to the newsletter.

This is not spam or anything, but my buddies and I always share promotions. I paid for B:AO £20 on release date using

Hope I can help.

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GUYS! Someone told me that it should work. Thx @MAD_AI for the info on how vouchers work. Here's the code:


It'll only work until 15th Nov (EU release date).

According to Green Man Gaming, the key will only be released by launch date, so don't expect buying it, and receiving a pre-order code for Steam.

Cheers, guys.

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It does apply and take a percentage off. Can't get GMG to work though. Always get an "Oops! Cannot compute!" message when attempting to place an order.