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Anyone know if this will be available via download on PSN?  I got Enemy Unknown free with my PS+ and I can't wait to add this to it.

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No, this will be only sold on a disc that includes XCOM: enemy unknown + Elite soldier pack + slingshot DLC + ALL ENEMY WITHIN FEATURES. 

Here are the features EENEMY WITHIN includes: 



I know it sucks having to re-buy the game (or in your case, pay for something you already got for free), but i guess that's just the way it is... im in a worse situation than you though, I have a digital copy (for XBOX 360) that I bought at full retail price, and now i can't even sell it, and I also bought both DLCs... so i'm kinda bumed about that but i don't care, i will buy this game... one of the best titles on current gen consoles IMO.

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I know it's not DLC, but I'm still hoping it will be available via digital download. I live overseas and titles take about 10 days to ship here.