Where do i report bugs?

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Another ugly one just popped up ruining the game. I have to reload the save game over and over since the chryssalids or what they´re called, the zombie makers, keep on jumping into places they shouldnt be, outside the game area. So the game halts as it doesnt seem to know what to do with them in the twilight zone. Seems i´ll have to lure them into appearing in valid areas where they can actually make a move instead of freeze in their tracks. Boring.

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I am looking for a "final" alien which is driving me insane. I'm on a relatively small UFO crash site, I've killed the 'Outsider' and have been wondering around the crash site for about the past 40 minutes, I used both my snipers scanning grenades in the mission and this is just annoying me as I have soldiers positioned all over at broad angles of coverage, and the "shhh I here something" radar just keeps switching back and forth and I've covered both those areas with soldiers. I am pretty sure its not a floater, godamn godamn godamn!!! I'm pretty sure there is no alien, and its a bug tbh! 

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Put a minor spoiler in that, i just read that it had to do about the ending and then i glanced over your post. ;)

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No no. Its nothing to do with the ending, I'm not that bad a gamer!!

What I meant it to mean, was that I am finishing a crash site, and there is "one alien" left to kill before I complete that mission and can go back to base. I cannot 100% confirm this is a bug as I am not a developer. But I did save the game before this bug happened, because I had shot down 6 floaters in one turn. 

What I did (because I posted in this thread whilst I was stuck on this bug) I got all my soldiers to the extraction point after giving up on this alien that did not exsist. Then saved. Then I reloaded my save game just after I killed six floaters. Needless to say the floaters were still there, but dead, but still flying in the air, but not actually attacking and I couldnt aim or shoot them. 

What I think happened is that the mission "bugged out" when I launched my rockets at the floaters. Causing the engine to believe there was a floater still alive when in fact they were all dead.

Strange Eh!? Trust me , I tried everything to find this "final" alien (again its not the boss)

It annoyed me, I reloaded the 2nd save and extracted my boys (and two girls) they did not complete the mission and did not gain XP. But at least I could continue the game!

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A list of known bugs (From 2k Games) and a place to report them (and get feedback on them) can be found here: http://forums.2kgames.com/forumdisplay.php?131-XCOM-Enemy-Unknown-Support This seems to be officially moderated, so they will see any bug reports you leave here (the developers).