Whats the next main task after doing the Alien Base?

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I have just managed to beat the Alien Base but am a bit stuck on what I have to do neext in the game to advance the story. Do I have to capture the Sectoid Commander or Build something.

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the situation room gives you what to do next. Look, pending requests and more info. I think the commander should be next. Then, you`ll have to build some transwave emitter. You should first research your upgraded interceptor before the emitter, because you`ll be faced with stronger ufos

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I think capturing a Sectoid Commander is your next challenge - it was possible on the Alien Base mission, but if you killed him then you need to find another. With any luck you should be able to find a couple on the next UFO you shoot down. I did capture the commander on the base mission, but found that the aliens you face after taking out the base do go up a notch in difficulty and found 2 Commanders in my next small UFO where before I might just have found an outsider.

Capturing a Sectoid Commander for interrogation leads to psionic research and being able to build the Hyperwave Chamber - along with the Hyperwave Beacon you captured during the Base assault. That will then put the main objectives back on course.

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After being introduced to The Commanders they tend to show up on almost all the "Downed UFO missions", until you get introduced to something else, more "in charge".

Capture can be easy if you tack 2-3 assult with run'n'gun and Arc Throwers, if the targets are ungaurded it's easy to counter a Mind Control placed on one of your troops before the turn ends and they start fighting against you.

The trick is, like most tactics in this game, move slow, make sure when you get in to control room area, you have every one set before you open the door and get a view on the commanders. Usually two, sometimes three, but their weapons are weak if you are using Titan Armor.

When you to see them, be prepared to move everyone in quick and hit them first turn, provided you're using Plasma Weapons.

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Capture can be easy if you tack 2-3 assult with run'n'gun and Arc ThrowersCruiserCaptain

I just did a run & gun so i have it fresh in memory that you can shoot but not stun after doing it. Any upgrade\research i´ve missed that alters that?

Edit: Anyway, having a soldier with the ability sprinter greatly helps in any stun attempt, also remember that any later enemies may have to be wounded first for any stun attempt to be successful.