What is this game similiar too?

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I am a fan of turn based games but not familiar with this one. How does it compare to Fire Emblam or Advance wars?

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If you aren't sure..then download the original X-Com. Because of it's age, it's abandonware. You can find it on any "legal" abandonware site (abandonia, or wherever). Download and try that one. The official name is " X-Com 1 - UFO - Enemy Unknown". Essentially this newer version is a 100% rebuild of the original game. From the developers mouths, they recreated the SAME base game (100%) then added/removed stuff until it felt right. The battles are almost identical to the older/original game but much more..."Modern" and a lot more features. If you like the original game at all, then you'll like the newer one. I am a very avid gamer and I play TONS of games. Not many I haven't tried..and no other modern game really...."Feels" the same as X-Com. So try the original game to get the closest feeling for it, before buying it. Or download the demo for PC from their website.
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If you liked the original you will find some design choices annoying. Also XCOM1 is also known as UFO Defense
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This game has virtually no similarties as the orginal. Example: Interceptors here u can only use 1 the orginal u use up to 4. Loadouts for each character is totally different. Tactical gameplay is on a totally different level. The orginal u could choose the types soldiers that you wanted to use, bravery reaction etc here you left with no choice.You put weapons of any type that was available Ufo enemy unknown class are made for you after each mission. assult, sniper heavy and even you have no real say so when it comes to psi training only 1 fits that bill.You are only allowed to build 1 base in the orginal u build is it 8?? The orginal provided alot more decission making than the current new one. These r 2 different games all together very little similarties if any. You can attack any UFO anywhere over water or land whether it be desert or forest here you are left at the mercy of the designers again no choices. Once you built a demon thats the last aircraft you will have to build to pursue UFO'sTheres no snakemen theres no stun launcherWhen you have a heavy who fires a rocket launcher you only have 1 shot the orginal u could equip the soldier that you have choosen to be the rocket man and load an extra 4 rockets Those are a few example that these 2 games are different, this new is not a remake of the orginal period! I have play UFO defense since it came out in 94 and there has not been a better tactical game to have come out better than it.

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Some things I like some really annoy me. Like the cover system and removal of free firing.
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Your right about them being completely different games, but they are similar in a lot of respects as well. The developers themselves said that it was originally a 100% remake of the original game (better graphics). From there they added/removed a lot of stuff and tweaks it. But it started off as a replication of the original game. Also, across the board they did "something" right for it to get a 9.0+ across all major reviews for all major sites, and an even higher overall user review. Same thing with RNG...some people agree with the mechanic, and others don't. I remember the old original X-Com. That system worked very well. But perhaps they just wanted to try something new here. Even though it has some annoying parts to the functionality, again they had to do something really right to get those kind of reviews across the board. I have a few complaints (minor) about some of the game play elements but for the most part everything felt right to me.
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If they started with 100% copy they should have made that available to the veterans. That is what we wanted anyways. Just some better graphics. More research options. Etc. But the gameplay was near perfection. Well they did do something right. They made it more accessible cause yeah... X-COM 1/2 took me weeks to get used too, but once you get into it. There is no going back.