What can you stun and capture with the arc and what can't you stun and capture?

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Anyone have a list of mobs you can stun and capture and you can't?
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According to the XCOM wiki, you can interrogate (and stun) the following...


Sectoid Commander





You can also stun a Outsider (for the shard). I have personally stunned a Berserker as well. You can stun a repair drone with the appropiate research (it becomes yours to control, makes for a good scout). You cannot stun a Cyberdisk (I have tried, the arc thrower icon remain greyed out). I asume you can't stun a Sectopod either. I have tried to stun a Chrysilid, but the icon also remains unavaileble. I have stunned a Muton Elite as well and a Ethereal.

Hope that helps:)

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The following aliens can be captured and provide research credits

Sectoid - Beam Weapons
Sectoid Commander - Psionic
Muton - Plasma Weapons
Muton Elite - All Weapons
Muton Beserker - Armour Tech
Thin Man - UFO Tech
Floater - Basic Armour
Heavy Floater - Flight
Ethereal - All Research

You are unable to capture and interrogate:


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IF you have your guys who have an ARC, and it's his turn, you'll notice a light-blue circle around enemies you CAN stun.  For enemies you can't stun, the line doesn't show up.  I used this as an easy way to figure out what I can stun.

Keep in mind that anything you stun, you get the gear for.  PLasma rifles, pistoles, etc.  Very handy early on.  Very handy to have a stockpile incase some random order comes through.  I had an order for 7 light plasma rifles, came in handy, $1000.