Unable to play.

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I have recently downloaded the demo after hearing about this great game. Saw awesome videos. I want to buy the game so I got the demo first and the game can barley run on my computer. I have a AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core processor 3.6 GHz, 8 gigs of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 560 Graphics card. I put the game to the lowest settings in graphics and I have the resolution down to 1280x1040 (or whatever that one is) and the game can barley play without dropping massive frame rate. Anyone else have this problem?
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I think but am not sure that the AMD processor has bugs in it (the programming of it). Have to go to Steam, browse the files (get the game up perhaps with Library and right click on the game and get up Properties - look at Browse the files) and when the files are unhidden (if you want change the attribute for the folder and all sub-folders and take off hidden in Properties) then find that there is a file for AMD something or other there in one of the folders of the game. I think you run that *.exe program to work around the bug in that AMD processor and then I suppose the game will run. There are other programs also that do that a player can run before starting up the game. Check on the XCOM 2K forum for the game and look at some old threads to find the answer.

Since I have an Intel processor I am not sure about any of that, but I know it has been mentioned by others and what program to run if wanting to fix the bug or bugs in those AMD processor so the game will run better or correctly.

It would be better to do some thread searching and reading over at the 2K XCOM game forum.