To buy or not to buy?

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I've never been a big fan of turn based games but Xcom looks quite good. I just don't know if I should drop £30 on it only to find out my opinion on turn based games was a solid one.


Anyone else not a fan of turn based games but went and brought this and enjoys it?

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If you really hate them, then there may be no Turn-Based games for you. Which I understand, many lack the visual stimulation to really hold me for hours, despite some great strategy in a lot of them. (I like a little visual stimulation in my games) However I think XCOM: EU is one fo the bests, if not THE best for consoles. There should be a demo available, yet it is woefully weak when compared to the actual pressure of the real and much longer game. The aspect of recruiting troops and seeing them develope, forming a few good interchangable groups, as well as refining your tactics can be very rewarding in this game. When you do lose a troop that has leveled well and pulled some missions through to objective you can find yourself truely heartbroken. Try the demo, do some more video gameplay watching, be a good consumer and just do some gamer research before you buy. It always helps, and I know this post is an effort in that direction. Final words: if you are willing to give it a chance as a great turned based game it's good. But know your game before you buy.
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Well Yes This game got some bugs here and there i read a lot and do my homework well.
Lemon just like Crulser said i agree totally. Do your reserch.
I watch few gameplays Angry Joe review Gamespot review and new expansion to x com few opinions etc (watch out for spoilers)
And yesterday i was playing my first match in x com.
It was a blast.
Trutorial is cool. Realy encurage to do it.
Then after i land with my crew on a first mission i was wipe out totally in first few rounds.
MY main hero was killd after got on the roof of the bus...
Then the panic startet:)
This game is surely not perfect but when i sit with my pad on my throne sit of king gameplayer with good amount of food and drink
I cant stop playing... its one of this games that got " one more mission" addiction.
If u dont play many turn ase games and you want to start your adventure here this game is recommended BUT on normal dificulty.
Otherwise the panic will spread:)
Carry on ppl.
Btw when i look at time this post was landed i assume your allready in the X Com project.

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Check out some gameplay footage

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Go ahead. This is gaming history and worth playing. It's like being a fan of ancient Egyptian culture and going on a trip to see the pyramids.

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A truly legendary game. This is a must play for all gamers who want to take a trip back in the history of PC gaming.